Printing, Printing and More Printing on Fabric


It was a lovely sunny afternoon yesterday and I decided it was the perfect time to get my fabrics printed with the shapes from Clue 2 of the Case of the Secret Garden as well as some white and red shapes for another project. This was the stack of fabric ironed on to freezer paper that I began with. Within  half an hour or so I had all the shapes printed – just feed each piece of freezer paper/fabric through an ordinary inkjet printer and perfect shapes every time!


In Clue 2 we got the instructions on what shapes to print on our light, dark and accent fabrics. On my light I used a slightly darker red to print than I normally would but I wanted it to show up in the photo. I have no worries about the ink being a bit darker as it doesn’t shadow through to the front and I know that my ink washes out anyway.


It may not show up too well unless you click to enlarge the photo, but even on the darker fabric the cutting and stitching lines and matching points show up really well.


My accent fabric is busy with lots of different colours in it. Having used this fabric in other projects using various Inklingo shapes, I knew what colour would show up best. Again, you may have to enlarge the photo to see, but the lines all show up quite well even on a busy, multi-colour fabric.


And here’s my The Case of the Mystery Garden file folder with all the freezer paper, ready and waiting to see what we’ll be printing in Clue 3.


Baxter and his friends wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Seems that instead of roses, they got an extra-large box of catnip!


He was posing  for a special Valentine’s Day beauty shot!

5 thoughts on “Printing, Printing and More Printing on Fabric

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mr. O, and Baxter!
    Wow, it looks like purple is the ink color on your multi-print, but Inklingo doesn’t have purple… that I know of. Perhaps my monitor is off. I’m getting ready to print as well… exciting isn’t it?!


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