Tiny Bright Colourful Stars


Thanks to a comment left yesterday, I think I’ve settled on a setting for the tiny stars. So I started adding .75″ squares all around each star. This is going to be such fun to stitch!


The little blocks are pressed and seams are graded.


The project now has its own small box, which will have lots more in it. There are still a number of pieces to be printed and cut for it, but I hope to have that all done today.


This empty box is just waiting for the shapes from Clue 2 in The Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt to be printed and cut. That’s planned for today. Baxter had to come investigate although he’ll probably like it a lot more when there are some fabric pieces in there that he can try to make off with.


At Tabby Abbey, the kitties were having tea in the drawing room.


At home, Baxter was lounging about on his cat tree.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Bright Colourful Stars

  1. Ooh la la!! The stars are even better with the white squares…really makes the color pop! Love the cartoon…what a hoot! And Baxter looks regal as a king on his throne! Great start to my day…thank you, Cathi and Mr. Q. O. for sharing your talents with us. You are inspiring!


  2. I like the white squares. Did you use a tutorial to learn how to grade your seams or is there a rule of thumb on how to grade seams? I have quilt blocks with lots of seams that I am ready to put together and FMQing will be difficult with all that bulk. I admit that I am a bit nervous about shortening those seams though 🙂


  3. Cathie those little stars are so cute. Love the white as a surround. Is Kitty Abby where Baxter resides when not with you? Baxter looks like he is a big coon now what does he weigh?:-)


  4. I really love these stars. And now I’m thinking up star thoughts too. But no, must not plot any more quilts. I have too many ideas in my head already. So I’ll live through you instead 🙂


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