Stormy Seas Block 24

This block was a bit of a challenge. Why? Because the darker of the two batiks has a metallic element to it and is harder than most to needle. I definitely switched needles after stitching this one. Now there are only 18 Stormy Seas blocks left to make. I’m getting excited about seeing this one finished. But as of tonight, stitching will be Memories of Smudge. But there may — will be a slight distraction.

It’s a first – we know ahead of time what the next Inklingo collection is going to be. Three sizes of Hunter’s Star. You can read all about it on the All About Inklingo blog posts from October 3 and 4. I’ve got fabrics picked out and have been playing in EQ with layouts and fabric placement. A fresh roll of freezer paper is waiting, the printer has lots of ink and I’ll be printing shapes on fabric in no time once the collections are released. I’ve even done a test print on one of the fabrics as I wasn’t sure which ink colour would show up best when I print the templates on that fabric. Now I’m set to go. It’s a given that I won’t be able to resist doing at least a few blocks when it is released. But I am going to try to be good and get right back to Memories of Smudge after that brief detour.

After reading yesterday’s comments, I decided to get out some other fabrics to pair with that grey/green fabric. First up were some greens. I hadn’t thought about doing a predominantly green quilt, but I quite like this. In this case, I think the grey/green becomes the neutral fabric. And it’s giving me all sorts of ideas.

Then some oranges. This is Mr. Q.O.’s favourite.

Then some various shades of blues. Maybe some other shades of blue would work better.

Finally with some blacks. Maybe for a small quilt but I know I couldn’t work with this for long.

Of them all, I think I’ll go with either the greens or the oranges.

The gardener was here today taking out some of the flowers from the roof garden flowerbeds. There are still lots left, but Baxter decided he’d better enjoy the flowers while he still can.

This photo of Smudge — whoops, I meant Baxter — is from a few days ago, but I couldn’t resist it — mostly because of Mr. Q.O.’s caption, “Can I have this one, please?” That made me laugh out loud because if a block is left within kitty reach, he grabs it. The other night I had left the stack of Memories of Smudge pieces out within his reach. In the middle of the night Mr. Q.O. was up and found one of the little stacks on the floor. Baxter’s fascination with fabric is as strong as ever.

7 thoughts on “Stormy Seas Block 24

  1. I like the green combo maybe with a bit of orange?
    Weather is changing, alright, freeze warning and down into the 20’s this weekend, but then warming again, flowers need to be covered overnight for a while!
    You might want that liitle cat expert to choose the color combos as he studies the fabric so much!


  2. The green colourway with a touch of sharp yellow-green is a great choice…..and the orange would be my second choice! Baxter is such a clown with his taste for fabric pieces.


  3. Definitely the greens!! No one colour dominates too much, your grey/green fits in so well, the sharper shade lightens it up so well, IMHO ( in my humble opinion) a wonderful selection, and thanks for asking us to help decide. Greetings from Jean. Did you ask Baxter???


  4. Hmmm, do you realize you called Baxter, Smudge? Guess you are really missing him, especially with him on your mind, making a quilt by his name! Baxter is something!!! The orange is gorgeous in the combination.



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