A Pair of Batik Sunflowers

We’re experimenting with some possible solutions to the camera distortion issue.

And two more batik sunflowers were the subject of the experiment. First up, one that Mr. Q.O. is calling pomegranate.

And this one, which I’m calling grape. Seems these batik sunflowers are getting named for fruits. It’s time to do some more printing on fabric as I have only enough ready for one more sunflower. They’ve definitely captured my imagination and I love how easy they are to stitch using the batiks. The only thing I have to remember is to use a new needle after each one. Last night, when I was finishing grape, I realized I was struggling with a dull needle as I hadn’t changed it after finishing pomegranate.

Yesterday I did some more machine piecing, using far fewer pins. My plan is to finish piecing the blocks today, lay them out to decide on placement and maybe even get a start at stitching the blocks together into rows.

“Fabric Hound”. I’m not quite sure if a cat can be a fabric hound, but that’s the title of today’s Baxtertoon.

He really does love his cat tree. Mr. Q.O. dubbed this one “Cantilever Kitty”.

7 thoughts on “A Pair of Batik Sunflowers

  1. Oh, wow. I LOVE those two blocks. Especially the red one. Gorgeous. The Baxter on his tree pics in the last few posts are so cute – just catching up today


  2. I love those two blocks, especially the red one! Wowsers! Baxter looks a little sheepish in the B’toon, he seems to be saying it’s not him taking the fabric! How his is that cat tree? We’ve been thinking of getting one for our cat, and since Baxter is enjoying his so much it looks like a sale to me lol!


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