Some Favourite Quilt Books

Some of my favourite quilt books got taken off the shelf last night. Mr. Q.O. and I are both really feeling the allergy season starting and, while I did get some stitching done, last night was mostly a night for leafing through these books.

This little book, Quilts, A Beautiful History, is definitely one of my favourites and one which has inspired two of my quilts – Pink Ice and the pink and cream quilt.

When I first got the book, this page was looked at over and over again and eventually I made Pink Ice, which was inspired by the photo.

Ontario’s Heritage Quilts is a book I can never get enough of. I can read and re-read the narrative and look at the pictures for hours at a time.

This is just one of the many quilts in the book. It’s impossible to describe just how fabulous this book is.

Next up is the Two-Color Quilts book. I love looking through and seeing the various two-colour quilts, as making a series of two-colour quilts is one of my long-term goals.

Clearly I’m on a red and white kick, as this is the one I spent the most time looking at last night.

Then Art of the Needle from the Shelburne Museum. There are countless quilts in this book that are absolutely stunning.

This is one of the many quilts in the book that I can’t stop going back to and looking at.

Then comes the Jinny Beyer book, The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, which I think is an absolute must-have for any quilter.

Turn to any page in that book and there’s inspiration plus just waiting.

So what are your favourite quilt books? Which ones do you turn to for inspiration?

Baxter was looking regal as he sat atop the couch watching.

8 thoughts on “Some Favourite Quilt Books

  1. One of my favorite Baxter poses with his paws crossed. So happy that everyone in Q.O. House enjoyed looking at quilt books on a spring evening. I have (way too) many quilt books and enjoy all of them, especially any by Barbara Brackman–the history of fabric, Civil War quilts, etc. She is a wonderful historian.


  2. Gee I love those first two books myself but I have to say, I really only have a couple books and those were gifts. It’s a sad state here. Poor us. 😦


  3. I wonder whether all quilters turn to quilting books when we don’t feel up to quilting. DH always takes himself off to buy a quilting magazine for me if I’m ill 🙂 I don’t have many quilting books yet but I do keep my magazines and get lots of inspiration from blogs like yours 🙂 I also enjoy Eleanor Burns books for quick piecing methods and have a couple of her books.


  4. I have that Jinny Beyer book. Great, isn’t it.
    I have very few books. Well, quilt books, I have lots and lots of reading ones. I’d probably have more but when I see them I’m too often good, then they go out of print before I go to buy them. I’ve missed out on too many of Jinny’s books that way, which is why I jumped on this one.
    I can see why those books you’ve shared has got you inspired.

    Hope the hayfever disipates soon


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