Hexagon Pinwheels and More

Part of play time on the weekend was adding the triangles to two of the pinwheels. I’m not sure whether I’ll add a plain 2″ hexagon in the centre of each set of six little blocks. Perhaps I’ll add some redwork on a 2″ hexagon. Whatever I decide, it’s going to be some time before this turns into anything.

I might do something like Emma’s Butterfly Stars, although I may ask Mr. Q.O. to draw some little creatures that I could use for stitcheries. Or I may just come up with a different setting altogether. For now, it’s a nice little project to which to add a block or two every week or so.

Monday was a lovely spring day. This is perfect weather to be anticipating baseball season beginning. We’re heading to a friend’s on Thursday to watch the Jays’ season opener. It seems like it has been a very long time since we’ve seen a baseball game.

Baxter found a new perch on the blue and white quilt that is draped over the back of the sofa. Now that he’s found it, that seems to be a favoured spot. I love how well his lynx tips show up in this photo.

10 thoughts on “Hexagon Pinwheels and More

  1. I love those little hexes! They are fantastic! I think that even if you don’t do stitcheries in the middle you can definitely enhance it with the quilting. I am looking forward to baseball season too!!


  2. Those little blocks are so cute! The fabrics are perfect. What is the pattern for them? I see that you like Inklingo. Are they patterns from there? Never tried it but could be tempted with those little hexies!


  3. The hexes remind me of “hugs and kisses”. Very cute.

    Yesterday you could see how big Baxter’s paws are getting. Today you see how big his tail and chest fluff are becoming. Beautiful. (I am sure there is an official term for chest fluff but since I don’t have cats ~ I can’t say!)


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