Sailing Away to the Sewing Machine!

After looking through a few quilt books and thinking about it, I finally decided on a quilt block. Within a few minutes of making that decision, the fabrics were pulled and I had everything cut for the first block. Some muslin rectangles, a print rectangle, two large squares — one of muslin and one of the print — for the HSTs and I was ready to go.

In just a few seconds, the muslin square was printed, using Inklingo, with the 3″ HSTs for the block. The muslin was layered with the print. Using the machine, I stitched along the stitching lines. The fabrics were then cut along the cutting lines, the pieces were pressed and …

A few seconds later I had perfect 3″ HSTs. No dog-ears, no having to cut down to size. Just easy perfect HSTs.

A few minutes later the HSTs and rectangles were joined and the first of the sailboat blocks was done. The block finishes at 12″. I’m going to use a three or four-inch muslin sashing between blocks. My plan is to make 12 blocks and set them 3 by 4 as this is destined to be a lap quilt.

I didn’t time it, but I doubt the block took even half an hour to make. Once the HSTs were done, it took only a few more minutes. So I may just get all the blocks finished today. I’m curious to see if I can get the whole top done by the time the weekend is over. I may get distracted by a hand-piecing project .. in fact, I can almost be sure of that happening.

Baxter was practicing his lounge lizard look, I think. The crossed paws make me laugh every time.

12 thoughts on “Sailing Away to the Sewing Machine!

  1. Baxter sure has a look like he is control of everything! Of course cats always have the upper hand, or paw……

    Nice boat blocks, that will quickly sail together, keep the focuse, no hand sewing until it’s done! 🙂


  2. I made a lap quilt of the very same block some years ago! You’re off to a great start. Baxter the “Lounge Lizard” . . . LOL! I must say when Bhu poses in that fashion, he appears so regal, so accommodating I always imagine a little crown on his head!


  3. Oh my. How beautiful! You are so kind to make this for someone Cathi. I”m happy to see you using the machine method with such success. I know the person that you made the last quilt for was thrilled with it!~ You are very kind. How is he doing? Well , I hope. Love the idea of using the muslin with the pretty blue fabric. You have such incredible taste.
    There’s that gorgeous Baxter, looking so handsome.


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