Rose Dream Pinwheels

On the weekend, I started a new quilt with the Fresh Squeezed fabrics. I was holding on to them, waiting for just the right idea and when the new Inklingo Rose Dream collections were introduced I knew immediately what I was going to do. This set of four blocks finishes at 9″ as I used the 4.5″ collection. There are also 6″ and 9″ collections of this design.

While I want to make a classic Rose Dream quilt using two fabrics, this fun idea seemed like a perfect fit. Instead of using the square at two corners of the block, I decided to use HSTs. When the blocks are joined, the pinwheels appear. That inspired the name for this quilt – Rose Dream Pinwheels. Rose Dream is also known as Lover’s Knot, True Lover’s Knot and Endless Chain. The setting possibilities with this block are endless!

The next question for me will be what colour to make the classic two-colour quilt. I may have to really fight with myself not to make it pink and white. Maybe a yellow and white? Or perhaps green and white? Whatever I decide, I will likely make it with the 9″ collection. So far a blue and white quilt is made, a pink and cream top is done and waiting to be quilted and a red and white top is in the process of being made. A pretty red and white Endless Chain top can be seen here, on Tim Latimer’s blog.

The block was quick to press.

Baxter’s silver markings are showing more and more each day. It’s going to be fun to see how marked the silver is in another couple of years when he’s fully grown.

17 thoughts on “Rose Dream Pinwheels

  1. Now that is pretty, I love it! I have started blocks for a scrappy green and cream, rather than white, quilt and it looks good – cream isn’t quite as stark as white. How about black and white – that would be very striking. Great pic of Baxter!


  2. Wonderful results with that block!
    Also thanks for the link to Tim’s site, what wonderful quilts that he has made or rescued!
    Baxter is growning up quite fancy with his silver markings!


  3. You did it again Cathi! LOL
    I just bought the 4.5 and 6 inch collections cause I love how you used them. Who knows when I will get around to making them but I love your use of multi prints and I have plenty of fat quarters to play around with for sure!
    Give Baxter a nice scratch behind his ears for me


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