A Long-Forgotten Project

It has been a very long time since I last worked on this. I made the long strips of hexagons months and months ago and had joined about 5 of them and then it sat. And sat and sat some more. Over the past week or so I have spent some time on it and have joined a couple more of the strips to what was already joined. It’s nice easy stitching, which is just perfect for some evenings.

I press as I add each strip. When I made the king-sized 1″ hexagon and elongated hexagon quilt, I left all the pressing to the end. It took next to forever to press that top and my back was practically breaking from the hours I spent at the ironing board. Lesson well and truly learned!

Mr. Q.O. was playing around with photo editing software and turned a Baxter photo into a black and white photo.

11 thoughts on “A Long-Forgotten Project

  1. Ahhhh! I remember that project. I have a tub of swap pieces that need a little attention as well. It is amazing how fast they go together. The Black and White Baxter looks older and more mature. ( and like he is plotting some great adventure!)


  2. Love the little hexies and I’m with you on pressing as you go, I also learnt that lesson but fortunately it was on a mini quilt not a king size one! Baxter looks like a maestro sitting at the piano and waiting for the crowd to settle so he can start his award-winning performance!


  3. OH Cathi, I’d LOVE to see the king top you made! I missed that! Where would I find it?!!? Gosh, this is really neat! Love the B&W Baxter photo. Mr Q.O. is so talented.


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