Scrappy Star Round 7

It’s now at 36 inches. I’ve decided to square it up now as I have a couple of borders planned that will take it to a good-sized lap quilt. The last round of diamonds took 2 evenings of stitching to add.

The back. I am so glad I pressed as I went on this. Pressing the last round took only a few minutes as I had finger-pressed as I stitched, but I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to press the whole thing at one time.

Last week I was put on a medication that initially has made me very groggy and I’m sleeping close to 12 hours at a time. That’s not the point of mentioning this, though. The silver lining has been the dreams! I’ve had many dreams of quilt designs and the dreams have stayed with me long enough that I’ve been able to write them down when I woke up. I’m thinking this is a definite bonus.

Mr. Q.O. captioned this photo, “Well, are you going to just sit there or finish it?”

15 thoughts on “Scrappy Star Round 7

  1. Love how the Scrappy Star is coming along! Did you by chance happen to see Cathy’s from Cabbage Quilts? If not, you must go take a peek. Gotta say that I love quilty dreams too.


  2. love it, yes pressing as we go helps,I need to go back and press some of Joseph’s Coat today, I hadn’t been as good about that as I should and when you mentioned it awhile back I thought I better go back and do that.


  3. Your quilt will be outstanding! I can’t wait to see the finished project.
    I’m happy that there is a silver lining to what you are having to deal with, you need to document the quilt patterns, ideas and then write a book on your quilt dreams! 🙂

    Baxter looks like he’s going to take over the crossword puzzle if he could only hold a pencil…and could spell.

    Quilty Dreams!


  4. I love the photo of the back. It is another whole design in itself.

    I hope the dreams stay happy and quilty! I have always dreamed in color but only a few quilts in them.


  5. Oh Cathi….that is gorgeous! Who would think that all those little pieces together would make something so lovely? Baxter looks as though he is waiting for someone, anyone, to do something.


  6. The scrappy star is looking good. Cant wait to see what it looks like with the borders on. I love the look of those crossed paws it just adds to the expression doesn’t it.


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