Colourful 9-Patches

These 3-inch blocks will be incorporated in the design of the Twinkling Stars quilt as well. There are still quite a few of the stars to be made, but I couldn’t resist making a couple of the little 9-patches just because they’re so much fun to put together and they’re easy to stitch by hand when one is watching an exciting baseball game!

On Monday, after successfully adding the star points by machine to some of the half tumbler/square combination, I decided to try making one of the star blocks entirely by machine. Can you tell which block is machine-made and which by hand?

What has inspired me to try stitching more by machine? It’s the fact that I really want to get started on putting the Pickled Ladies quilt together.

Baxter spent a lot of time on the windowsill on Monday, watching the birds and squirrels. His tail was swishing and he was extremely intent on watching the activity. It’s going to be interesting when the leaves start to fall and are flying by the window.

10 thoughts on “Colourful 9-Patches

  1. That quilt is going to be so spectacular! I love those nine patches!

    And that little, I mean that big kitty has the best ears! I love those tuffs of fur! My cats have them, but not so prominent as Baxter’s! I started thinking that if he gets 20-30 pounds, it will be like having a small dog ! And i’m thinking my 12 lb Sparkle is heavy!


  2. love all the colours in the twinkling stars. It’s going to be a beautiful popping quilt.
    Baxter looks just like a big boy now in the window. Spud was chirping at the birds on the kitchen windowsill today.


  3. I love your new trend of brights…lovely! Baxter’s little poofs of hair on his ear tips is so cute! Hugs and happy stitching!


  4. Nine patches are my very favorite block to make and I really love those with your twinkling stars. Can’t wait to see the quilt top finished. What collection did you use for the stars? I’m afraid I’ll have to add this one to my bucket list. Baxter looks so regal. He is just sitting there on his throne. By the way…who are you routing for in the playoffs? Unfortunately, I’m a Red Sox fan but better luck next year.


  5. This quilt is going to be so pretty! I know I’ve said it before, but it will look like a stained glass panel, I imagine. I’m happy it’s going faster for you and is easy to machine stitch! So many quilts to make!!!~ 🙂 Baxter is so handsome in this photo. He has the world by the tail and doesn’t even know it. What a view he must have!


  6. Hi Cathi, just an update, got my new laptop and inkjet printer. Went to Linda’s site, downloaded beginner I think I am ready to start making these gorgeous quilts. Won’t be as nice as yours, but I’ll try! Boy that inkjet paper is expensive, though. Thanks for all your help..Sharon Lozano


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