Twinkling Stars Update

The first weekend of the baseball playoffs meant a lot of stitching got done. This is the stack of blocks now ready to incorporate into large 9-patch blocks. I’m close to a third finished when it comes to making these.

I decided to try speeding it up a bit by partially stitching the blocks by machine. I put the half tumbler and 2″ squares together by machine.

Can you tell the difference? One of these blocks is partially done by machine while the other is totally hand pieced. I can’t tell the difference except, of course, by looking at the back of the blocks and am quite pleased with the result.

I realized on the weekend that my design idea was going to result in a square quilt of about 66″. For some reason, I always prefer my quilts to be rectangular rather than square so I’ve changed the design a wee bit to make it longer than it will be wide. I’m intrigued by the fact I’m so determined to not make it a square quilt. I can’t quite sort out why I have such a strong preference for the rectangular sizes. Do you have a preference when it comes to a lap quilt being a rectangular or square quilt?

Baxter has been very busy now that he has discovered the living room windowsill. On the weekend he started clambering up there with Cappy in his mouth. We’re convinced Cappy is his blankie and he doesn’t want to go anywhere without it. I’m hoping we can get a video of him getting up there with Cappy once it stops raining, which they say should be today.

6 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars Update

  1. Nope can’t tell the difference here either! They look equally beautiful! Yes, I tend to prefer my quilts rectangular as well, at least the ones that I am using. Wall hangings tend to be square.


  2. I also like my quilts rectangular because I”m a practical person and like to USE them. The square ones are pretty, but I feel like they need to be on a wall. Just my personal feeling, I’m traditional at heart. That would be a great block for machine piecers, nice to know! Sometimes you just WANT a quick and easy machine piecing project, as I’m doing now. As it cools down, I”ll be gravitating back to my hand piecing in front of a fire. We have the doors open this morning, so I know it’s coming! So happy about this with the extreme heat and fires here this summer. That Baxter cracks me up! He is the coolest kitty ever! Makes you wonder why he chose that particular toy, so cute. Can’t wait to see him in action!


  3. Cathi, I was just ruminating on this issue this weekend myself! I just finished all the blocks to my Candied Hexagons quilt and got them up on the design wall. For some reason, I had assumed the layout I was copying was a rectangular one. Well, nope! Turns out is 53″ wide by 52″ long…not what I wanted! I prefer rectangular quilts, whether they be lap or bed quilts. Maybe a square one on the wall, but I don’t have too many of those…Anyway, now I’m working on a new layout to get a rectangular lap quilt out of my Candied Hexagon blocks. Fun times!


  4. Square or rectangular……..the quilt itself usually lets me know. Square quilts can be used any way as they don’t have a defined top or bottom. Looking forward to seeing yours! The living room window is now definitely Baxter Entertainment.


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