Scrappy Star, Round 4

The star is growing. I’ll keep adding rounds until it’s wide enough for a lap quilt. Then I’ll sort out how to add length to it, possibly with a couple of rows of small stars at the top and bottom. The round of squares isn’t added yet, but that’s not going to take long. It’s adding the diamonds in each round that takes the longest, particularly as it grows in size.

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous thimbles for hand quilting and, while some of them have seemed better than others, all of them have eventually resulted in hand issues for me. Then I heard about this, the hand-held quilting thimble from the House of Quilting. After about half an hour of practising with it, I was thrilled. It’s simple to get used to, makes it easy to get small even stitches and doesn’t seem to cause any hand fatigue. It’s even easy to quilt through intersections where many seams meet. Over the next few days, I’ll spend some more time getting used to it and then it’s going to be time to get started on that stack of 14 tops waiting for quilting.

Baxter’s markings are starting to show more and more. He has two rings, one on either side, just at his shoulders which I’ve dubbed the Baxter crop circles. This photo was taken as he was resting up, waiting for yogourt time. Β Yes, we have another kitty who loves a yogourt treat. When he sees the yogourt container come out of the refrigerator, he practically climbs up our legs to get his treat.

12 thoughts on “Scrappy Star, Round 4

  1. I am just in love with this star! I am enjoying seeing it get bigger and bigger. I have seen this type of thimble before and have always been curious, but have never purchased. The only time that I really would use a thimble is for binding. I so enjoy the process of hand sewing the binding on. Baxter looks so comfy, I could curl up next to him and take a nap.


  2. That thimble looks interesting. I’ll have to get one myself and figure out how to use it. Thanks for the tip.
    Baxter is gorgeous as always. My cat loves yoghurt too. It was so cut to watch him as a kitten when he could fit his head in the container. Now he is limited to what he can reach with his tongue πŸ™‚


  3. WOW I had an thought to do this with this shape collection but hadn’t got around to it. It looks even better than i had imagined πŸ™‚

    I would be interested in a more detailed review of that thimble though, seems a bit different to the norm πŸ™‚


  4. Love, love, love the scrappy star! I have been enjoying its progress!

    My cat, Boomer, was a vanilla ice cream addict. She lived to the ripe old age of 23. I miss her much, but I know she lived a good life. Now I have 5 frisky kittens to play with.


  5. Oh my gosh but this is getting big. I’m so intrigued by the size. I’d love to know how it measures by the rows. Does that make sense? No? Well, it might and if it does that’ll be scary!

    Intriguing thimble. πŸ˜‰ And okay can we talk crop circles or what? That’s so neat. He’s got he best markings ever!!! Baxter we love you.


  6. The star is lovely and so are the other two lap quilt tops you have finished. Baxter is lovely and isn’
    t it nice to be able to give him a yoghert treat. I will be very interested to see what size he ends up.


  7. Hiya Cathi,
    Love to see how your star is growing. Baxter is adorable, as usual. Thanks for the website of the thimble. I have ordered one for myself, and find your comments about it quite useful.


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