Scrappy Star Is Growing

It’s getting bigger with each round of squares and diamonds. And it’s taking longer to add each round. I’m still deciding whether to make it a one-block quilt or whether I’ll make 4 or 6 of these blocks. Once I get this first block to a larger size, I’ll make that decision.

Once again, it pressed easily.

Baxter was peering over the arm of the chair as I was stitching. Within a few seconds, he would be on my lap attacking the fabric pieces.

14 thoughts on “Scrappy Star Is Growing

  1. That darn picture of Baxter is GREAT. You know, and this is simply my opinion, but he seems to have a rather mature – all male – look to him. He has a strong look to him. He looks strong, smart and silly. I’m thinkin’ this is no average cat.

    The Scrappy Star continues to thrill me. I can hardly stand it I love this one so much.


  2. It is looking just gorgeous! How big is each piece? That might be the deciding factor as to whether it should be a one block quilt or more. Did you see Cathy’s star over at Cabbage Quilts? Very similar and I believe that she made hers just one block. Baxter is looking like he is getting ready to pounce.


  3. Spectacular star and it just keeps getting better as it gets bigger! Wow!
    I can just hear the background sound of the movie “Jaws” as Baxter gets ready to pounce and chew on the fabric! šŸ™‚


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