More Scrappy Star

The next round of diamonds is added. As each round of diamonds or squares is added, it grows and is taking a bit longer to stitch. The squares for the next round are waiting to be added and then I’ll have to sit down and figure out which fabrics to use in the following diamond round as I’m trying to not have the same fabrics too close together.

It took no time to press after adding this round.

Baxter was a bit sleepy, I think, when this photo was taken. It appears that we have another kitty with odd drinking habits. It’s hard to describe. He lays down on his side beside the water bowl, with his back to the bowl, and then reaches his head over his shoulder and drinks. When he finishes, the back of his neck and one side of his head is soaking wet. We’re going to try to get video of him drinking like that as it’s much funnier to see than to read about it.

9 thoughts on “More Scrappy Star

  1. Ooooo this is soooo pretty!! It’s going to be fun seeing each round.

    How do you find kitties with such weird drinking positions LOL. I will love to see a video of this :0)



  2. That block is awesome!
    Baxter looks so grown up in that photo! Is he too tired to sit up and drink and wants to lounge while he’s drinking? That video will be priceless!


  3. So funny the way those kitties drink water. Would love to see it.

    I forgot to ask when you showed this last if this was going to be one big star. I like what I see. This is going to be so pretty!! I am doing some applique right now but it would be nice to have some hand stitching to alternate with. My printer was giving me fits with the reynolds freezer paper…jamming. I got some Jenkins the other day in the mail and will try that with the stars. Thank you for the inspiration!!


  4. Okay. That is it. I HAVE to make this!
    I am going to get out my printer today, it’s an HP photosmart, and see if it will work on my Mac. If not, I’m going to buy a new printer and get started with Inklingo.
    I am serious.
    I can’t stand it anymore and this block, these fabrics, have pushed me off the deep end of the pool! I’ll be full of questions, I’m sure…
    I’m ready. I have no more excuses.
    Cathi, you are amazing!


  5. P.S. Was so excited about this block, I had to go back and read about Baxter! lol
    How funny! Hope you get a video!!! I would love to see this.
    Our Ben, the younger one, “talks” and I sometimes think I should try to get a video. He lays on the floor and stretches and acts very coy, turning his head and talking. He will take a piece of his dry food and toss it and play with it and talk to it. I sometimes wish he COULD talk, but then, no…. the pups would be saying, take us to the beach mom… get us out of this house more! no, I would feel guilty and never get anything done! lol Thank GOD for our pets! What joy they bring to us.


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