Shabby Chic Yin Yang Blocks

All it took was making one shabby chic Yin Yang block. I knew I was in trouble. Friday afternoon I found myself pulling out the shabby chic bin of fabric to print more. I think I’m aiming for  a lap quilt that is a true charm quilt. Once I sort out exactly how large a quilt I want to make, I’ll pull out more fabrics and print just what I need.

Summer’s definitely almost here. Friday the gardeners came and planted all the flowers on the roof garden, which to me is always a sign that summer is right around the corner and the risk of frost is gone.

Smudge is back to being super finicky about his food, but he’s still loving his yogourt treat.

8 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Yin Yang Blocks

  1. I knew you couldn’t stop at just a small sampling of Yin Yang, looks great!
    Smudge does look finicky in that picture or he just woke up! 🙂


  2. I LOVE THESE!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric :)) I look forward to seeing this one develope.
    You don’t think that maybe those gardners could come do my garden? LOL… I need to hire one.
    So sorry to hear Smudge is being fussy with his food again. Bunnyhugs Ellyx


  3. I can see lots more of these blocks in your future…….*grin* Our cats don’t eat yogurt but they enjoy a taste of ice cream, and we used to have a dog who loved blue cheese and fruit.


  4. Holy gee wiz Cathi. I read posts. I do. But when I saw these blocks something happened. I said “oooooo” and scrolled to the bottom to get that feeling down on paper. Oh my gosh these are exquisite. Sorry. I hope you don’t have anything else pressing at this time because we’re ALL gonna want more. OMG! I love these.


  5. I am really loving this quilt…and the pattern. Cathi when you say charm…are you printing on Charms squares? It is a 6″ block, does the piece actually fit on a charm square? I have tons of those in my stash and could join you on the journey 🙂
    I have some Moda Portugal charm packs that would work perfectly 😀


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