Bright Yin Yang Blocks

I just couldn’t resist and had to see how the Yin Yang block would look in brights as well as the spice fabrics. These blocks may be the beginning ones for a stitching book cover or, who knows, maybe I’ll make a small Yin Yang quilt of primary colours.

I still can’t get over how wonderfully the blocks press, so have to show the backs:

Yesterday I had a link to the collection in my post, but it didn’t work.  Here’s the correct link for the Yin Yang collection.

Sleepy Cat Hollow left a comment on yesterday’s post with a suggestion for another name for the Spice or Chocolates and Caramel quilt that I loved — Contented Kitty, saying that it looked like Smudge curled up in his kitty bed.  So now I think that quilt will end up being called Contented Kitty.

Smudge likes to lounge by the water bowls before he sticks his head right in the water.  Mr. Q.O. got this shot of him just before he moved over and put his head in one of the bowls and was dripping wet.

10 thoughts on “Bright Yin Yang Blocks

  1. Once again, nice blocks!
    I think you need to get a little wading pool for Smudge to cool off in and make him think he’s at the beach, perhaps a little sand, a small beach ball. Oh, now that I think about it, forget the sand!


  2. The bright blocks have such a different look to the spice blocks, don’t they… wouldn’t know it is the same block! Smudge’s way of drinking is quite funny.


  3. 🙂 Glad you liked the name!

    LOL! I had a cat, Max, that loved to drown his dinosaur in the water dish…he’d plop the dino in his water dish and then hold him down with his paw. Lucy will not drink straight from the dish…she puts her paw in and scoops it out.

    Am glad Mr. Fluffy Tail is holding his own.


  4. This is such a great pattern, and so unusual. Seriously, you are one of the best hand piecers I’ve ever seen — your stitching is so perfect! I can’t decide which color combination I like best — they’re both so striking.


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