Another Pair of Cake Stand Blocks

These blocks have turned out to be the perfect stitching for evenings when I’m tired. They’re quick and easy to stitch.  Thanks to Wanda‘s comment yesterday, I now have an idea for setting them using the little blocks as cornerstones with sashing around the larger blocks.

They press beautifully.

The neutral I’m using is one of the nicest creams or whites I’ve worked with.  While it has a design to it, it’s not heavily painted on and is easy as can be to needle.  It’s a fabric by Avlyn called “Essential White”.

Tuesday was a long day.  In typical office building fashion, it’s either too warm or too cold.  Tuesday it was too cold.  It was pouring rain when I left Tuesday morning and chilly, so I was chilled before the hearing began.  By the time the hearing adjourned, I thought I’d never feel warm again.  I’m hoping that today we’ll adjourn early.  I’m definitely wearing something warmer today.

Smudge was relaxing with his favourite toy Tuesday evening.

5 thoughts on “Another Pair of Cake Stand Blocks

  1. Hi Cathi,

    Love your cake stand blocks. They will make a beautiful quilt.
    Hope you have a better day today.



  2. very pretty blocks Cathi!
    It has been in the 90s here, this morning, very cool longsleeve weather.
    I found a keyboard for my ipaD yesterday! I love it, it makes typing so much easier and faster. I never could get use to typing on the screen and did not know there was such a thing. Once I find batteries for my camera {lol}, Ill send you a photo. We are settling in nicely and all is well here. I look forward to getting back into a normal routine, but for now we are “going with the flow” and this slower pace, as we settle into our new home and routine.
    Ive missed ya. I need to go catch up…. XO


  3. These little blocks are so cute!! It is sad that they can’t make offices more comfortable but I suppose it’s best not to have it too hot or everyone would be sleeping LOL.



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