Basket Blocks

While I had the design wall up, I decided to put the 4 basket blocks up.  I now have a plan for the centre block, which won’t be another basket, and the borders for this.  I think I have just enough of the floral print to make it work .  I’m going to spend some time this weekend working out exactly how much I need for the borders and the centre block and then take it from there.

The lesson I learned from this was that when I fall in love with a fabric like this one I really do need to buy somewhat more than I think I’ll need, particularly as I had no firm plan in mind when I bought this but rather a vague idea.

It snowed.  A lot.  All day Wednesday.  So much for me thinking spring was getting closer.  It seems like a very heavy snow as the tree branches and shrubs out on the roof garden seem to be groaning under the weight of it.   Some of the bears decided it was time to get their winter clothes back on.  When the picture was taken, there were fairly large snowflakes flying by the window.

I’m not sure if Lester is winking in this shot or just not quite awake.

Smudge was relaxing.

9 thoughts on “Basket Blocks

  1. Don’t you just hate it when spring is here and then winter comes back? I think we will get snow tonight and tomorrow!
    Nice basket blocks! Just another one to finish so you can start another one!
    He’s winking, so you need to figure out what he’s up to.


  2. They had been calling for upward of 7 inches of snow for us, but we ended up with about an inch. I am okay with that. It meant no shoveling. Love the photo of Lester! I am winking right back at him!


  3. I have those same regrets about not buying enough of a favored fabric. Then I buy a lot of a REALLY loved fabric and have a hard time cutting into it LOL.

    We got hammered with snow on Tuesday. At least I have seen my first Robin though :0)



  4. It sounds like it was a heavy wet snow for everyone that got it. We just had a few flakes in the air, but it’s cold here. A good day to contemplate what do do with fabric.


  5. Looking forward to seeing how you work these blocks and what center you’re planning. Very pretty fabric. Isn’t that always the way though. You see a bit of fabric, love it but have no idea how you’ll use it so buy just a bit which is never enough.
    Bunny smooches to kitties, Lester looks oh so cute winking 😉 Ellyx


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