Label for Ferris Wheel Quilt

I decided to piece the label for Ferris Wheel on Monday.  When I started quilting, making labels for my quilts never struck me as a design element.  Now?  Now I try to make a label that has something to do with the design of the quilt.  For Ferris Wheel I decided to do the centre of a block.  The cream blades of the plate will be the perfect spot on which to write the pertinent information.

Upon finishing the piecing of a quilt like Ferris Wheel I almost always wish I could make one more block, so making a label like this seems like a great solution — I get to make one more block or partial block and the label is ready to be written on and then appliqued on to the back as soon as the quilting is done.

Lester had a snooze on the windowsill on Monday.  He had some entertainment out on the roof garden as there were some grackles and sparrows on the lawn.

Smudge was sound asleep.  Oh, to be able to relax as thoroughly as a cat!

8 thoughts on “Label for Ferris Wheel Quilt

  1. That’s such a good idea for a label – I usually just embroider my name and year of completion on the binding but am going to consider a partial/whole block on all my future projects! The quilt I’m working on at the moment would definitely benefit from a ‘custom’ label – thanks for sharing!


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