More Melons

All 52 melon blocks are made, so the X’s and O’s top should be finished relatively quickly.  I am going to machine quilt it, know exactly how I want to quilt it and may get this one finished within another a couple of weeks.  Making the melon blocks has me tempted to start another quilt using some melons and other shapes.

A while back, I joined the Bargain Lover’s Club at Sew Sisters and have been receiving 10 great FQs every month.  This time?  This time, when I opened the envelope, Mr. Q.O. said he wanted these fabrics.  I keep threatening to get him piecing to help get all these designs I have in my notebook and in my head actually made.  Maybe this grouping will do it.

Smudge likes to lounge by the water and food bowls.  This was a shot we couldn’t resist taking.

Lester found himself a cozy spot to curl up and have a nap.  It was cold again on Tuesday, but he’s showing more interest in getting up on the windowsill every day. Maybe that’s an indication that spring will be here sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “More Melons

  1. WOW you were quick getting all the melons done. I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt together….no pressure though :0) I think it’s an excellent idea for the hubby to learn to stitch too LOL.



  2. I love those melons! That is definitely what I am going to start with….if I could just get started! I’m close, don’t give up on me!
    Those cats are so cute and snugly looking!


  3. Ha! I tried to convince my husband! Lol let me know if you have success. Nothing worse than a retired lawyer living on an island… I need to get him a hobby! Lol almost garden time, so this will help. Then fishing.
    The weather here was air conditioning yesterday in my studio (I could not believe I turned it on!?!) and cool today with a small fire tonite I am sure. Defiantly fickle weather this spring.
    Your cats are so adorable and I enjoy all of your photos of them.
    I have been thinking of your melon blocks and might have to attempt a small quilt. I’m really liking hand work more and more. My sewing machine rarely gets turned on anymore.
    Nice to catch up on your blog today! Xo


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