Finger Pincushions

After I was so lost without the finger pincushion and then receiving the lovely new one, I decided to try my hand at making them.  I used a couple of different of methods for the final stitching together of them, different stuffing and think I’ve found the perfect “recipe”, so to speak.  They’re dead easy to make — a 4.5″ square folded in half into a triangle shape and stitched, leaving an opening to turn them right side out and then insert the stuffing — and they are absolutely the best tool going for piecing.

As a hand piecer, I wear mine on my index finger.  Machine piecers apparently wear these on their thumbs.  I know that I’m absolutely lost without mine — not having it makes piecing seem so much slower.  It took me maybe half an hour to get used to wearing it when I first got one.  Now?  Now I can’t even begin piecing until it’s on my finger.  So now that I have figured out how to make them, the next step is to find the decorative braiding to make them look that much nicer.

There were some interesting responses to the post on Friday regarding what people use to mark quilting designs on their quilt tops.  I decided to play it safe and have a scrap piece of the cream fabric on which I’ve made marks using a number of things such as a graphite pencil, chalk pencil, watercolour pencil.  I’m going to let it sit for a week or so and then wash it to see if the marks come out.   I’m planning to hand quilt the pink and cream quilt, so know that the marks will be on it for a while and want to be sure that whatever I end up using will come out without  any problems.

We had one of those glorious mid-February days late last week when one thinks spring isn’t far off. Saturday and Sunday showed us winter isn’t done with us yet. This was the scene on the roof garden Monday morning.  It may be pretty, but winter seems to be lasting altogether too long this year.  It’s time for spring.

Lester was on the windowsill on Sunday for a while.  Not that there was much to see, but that seems like another true sign winter may be drawing to a close.  I think he’s getting bored without any birds to watch.  We didn’t get a picture of him there, but did get this one of him having a snooze later on in the day.

Mr. Q.O. has been using the heating pad on his shoulder lately as he has a frozen shoulder.  Smudge decided it was there for him.

13 thoughts on “Finger Pincushions

  1. Your finger pincushions look oh so pretty. I’ve never worn one but I’m always loosing my needle when hand piecing I may just give one of these a try 🙂 Thank you.
    Poor kitties I heartly agree with them that winter has been tooo long this year. We have a promise of spring today with the sun shining but I doubt winter has left us yet.
    I hope Mr QO’s shoulder repairs soon. Ellyx


  2. So pretty the finger pincushions!!! You’re so handy and clever with making auxiliary sewing things. Like this and there was the needlebooks – loved those too!

    How nice to see the Lion crashed in his Lair. Now Smudge… that’s a cat that has a great idea. He’s such the clever cat!


  3. I use a different sort of finger pin cushion. A woman in my quilt group made tons of them and gave us each one. It is made with a soda pop bottle base and elastic to hold it onto my finger. I wear it on my middle finger but maybe it’s because that is the only finger it fits without rolling around as I use it.
    My kitties do the same thing when they find a heating pad unattended. LOL The cover always has tons of fur on it from kitty naps.


  4. I think I’ll try making one. I have a bottle cap/elastic model that I don’t care for but these look much more comfortable. Like Elly I am always loosing my needle. So far I have never sat on a “lost” one but I would prefer to take avoidance measures now!


  5. Oh boy…..these finger pin cushions look great…..I’m planning on making some for the girls in my sewing group! We all hand piece a lot! Thanks for the idea and instructions!

    Those kitties are so darned cute… em!


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