Pink and Cream Stars

All the hand piecing is done and everything is ready to put this top together.  As I’m planning on doing that by machine, I have some hope that it will be a finished top by the time the weekend is over.  As I so rarely use my sewing machine, the sewing table ends up as a collection spot for fabrics I’ve been auditioning for blocks, stacks of blocks for yet unfinished tops, notes that haven’t quite made it into my ideas book and who knows what else is lurking there.  It’s going to be a small treasure hunt organizing and putting everything away.

Every time I need to use the sewing machine I seem to go through this.  Maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson and keep the table clear so that it’s not such a production getting to the point of being able to sew by machine.

Thursday Smudge showed a little interest in food, but nowhere near what he was showing earlier in the week so the syringe feeding continued.  I’m starting to wonder if he has lost his sense of smell which would affect his appetite.  We’re off to the vet with him this afternoon.

Lester has definitely been enjoying all the various foods we’ve had on offer trying to get Smudge to eat.  I know he has put weight on, which isn’t necessarily a good thing for a kitty with a heart condition.  So that’s another thing we’ll be asking the vet about.  Somehow we’ve got to balance the two issues.

7 thoughts on “Pink and Cream Stars

  1. Keeping the table clear is a definite must around here or nothing will get accomplished. Definitely keep your eye on Lester’s weight. This is coming first hand from someone who had a cat that was overweight with a heart condition. Keep him from eating too much. Glad that Smudge is still eating though!


  2. A splendid quilt is on the way! Keep that machine handy, it gets you there!
    Hope your cats both get and stay well!
    Keep warm! It’s warmed up this moning to 12! We will have a heat wave of 28 or that’s good! Tired of this 9 degrees stuff!


  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing your pink and cream stars. I have started my red and cheddar Feathered Star and I am interested in seeing your two color project.
    If you have a minute I would love to know how much of the batiks you have for your Storm at Sea project and how big you are thinking it will be. I am wanting to make one for myself and am trying to figure out how many fat quarters I would need. Also do you have a larger amount of the lightest fabric for a consistent background or are you making it random like the darker ones?


  4. You definitely need a clear space, it is so easy to move onto another project that doesn’t require a machine…..and then it will never get done! I have the luxury of having a whole room – actually, two rooms – for my sewing and even that doesn’t seem enough at times. Hope the kitties get good reports from the vet.


  5. YEs do organise the space for yourself. I am now on Holidays and this is one of my Musts to clean the sewing room.
    Good luck with the kitties, as someone who has 2 one diets and 3 eating coon food I can understand the problems. Thank heaven we don’t have to syringe as well. Good thinking on the smell it might be just what has happened.


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