Getting Closer

Another hour or two of stitching, and all the edge pieces will be attached and it will be time to press and baste the baby quilt.  I’m thinking that a scrappy binding made up of ’30s prints will be what I choose for this.

Because I normally match my thread colour to the pieces I’m stitching, to finish off a spool of thread isn’t something that happens frequently as a spool will last a very long time.  Because of the scrappy nature of the baby quilt, I’ve been using a peachy pink heirloom cotton thread which seems to melt into the seams of every colour for piecing and on Wednesday night actually used the very last bit on the spool.

I’ve not been doing well in responding to comments this week or in leaving comments.  There’s no real good excuse for this other than I’ve been dealing with some news about changes in one company with which I work which has left me rather drained.  I really do appreciate and read every comment and hope to get caught up on the replies and comments over the next day or two.

Smudge was posing for the camera Wednesday.  He has always been a camera ham but, for the past month or so, hasn’t been quite as interested.  However, on Wednesday when he heard the camera being turned on, he definitely started striking poses.  I think it’s another sign he’s feeling better.

Lester was caught in a funny pose in the kitty bed.

11 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. I love how the quilt is looking with the 30s prints! A favorite of mine for sure. So glad that Smudge is beginning to feel like himself again. I am hoping the same for Rolo.


  2. No need to excuse for commenting or replying! We’ve all been there from time to time. Sorry to hear about the bad news from the company!

    Love your 30’s Babyquilt! Will you be able to find more thread? Can we be of any help?

    Cuddles for Smudge and Lester!


  3. The baby quilt is splendid! Although you don’t favor the 30’s prints…this one is a big hit! Sending lots of e-hugs and good wishes for some peace and solutions for your work issues!


  4. That will be one lucky baby! Splendid quilt!

    Hope all works out well with your work issues!

    No worries in replies to my comments!

    Kitties are looking grand today!


  5. Thanks for the tip on a color of thread that works with the 30’s inspired colors.
    I wondered why you chose not to use a neutral background to finish the edges of the quilt. It will be interesting to see how it all finishes up in the end.


  6. I love it when I actually finish a spool of thread, even better when I don’t have to buy another one to do one or two little areas :0)



  7. I love it, Cathi.

    I made my grand niece a baby quilt from kiddie-themed 1930’s fabrics as well and my nephew and his wife really loved it. I did a scrappy binding and it looked smashing.

    Great job!


  8. so cute is your 30’s baby quilt!…one of my top fave fabrics…I like the idea of the scrappy binding for it!…Happy to hear that Smudge is camera hammin again!….Sorry to hear of your job stresses…I am saying prayers for a positive resolve for you and wishing you inner Peace in whatever storm may rise around you…Blessings…


  9. That is lovely, and the baby who receives it will be a very lucky little kiddo! Hope the work issues resolve themselves all right, work problems can very stressful and take quite a toll of our emotional health. But I’m sure Smudge and Lester (and Mr Q.O. of course) will be there for you!


  10. Since 30’s repros are some of my favorites, I recognize quite a few in the baby quilt. This is DEFINITELY a quilt treasure! It is a lucky baby who gets this! xxoo Patty & Bhu


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