Baby Quilt Almost Done

The main piecing, other than the pieces around the edges, is done.  I’ve started adding the edge pieces along one side so know it won’t take long to finish adding them and then it will be complete.  I have a piece of flannel that’s perfect for the backing and there’s batting on hand, so this won’t take long now to finish and have ready.  The only thing I’ll be waiting for is what the baby’s name is once it’s born and I can add that to the label.

I’ve been contemplating what, if any, quilting goals I have for 2011.  I am not making resolutions because I know I’d break them.  But goals?  Goals is another matter.  I have a few.  I’d like to try making a small quilt in solids.  I’ve never worked with just solids and am not sure how much I’ll enjoy that, but I want to give it a try.

My second goal, and probably the biggest one, is to try to limit myself to making small quilts when I start anything new this year.  I have many UFOs that are going to be large quilts on the go as it is, all of which I want to spend time on, and hopefully complete, this year.  Summer Picnic Dish, the Harpsichord quilt, my POTC blocks, the Pickled Ladies, the clamshell diamonds in Kaffe fabrics, the Christmas Feathered Star quilt (and probably some others I’ve forgotten at the moment) are quilts I want to finish sooner rather than later.

I also know that when I get ideas, some of which are in the ideas book already, I want to be able to play with fabric.  Playing with designs on the computer, while it is a good way to get an idea about how something might work, just doesn’t seem to be the best way for me.  I want to see what it looks like in fabric. So small quilts is the answer.  Then, if something I’ve made as a small quilt top really appeals, I can set it aside to make as a larger quilt.

A third goal is to make sure I have one thing added to the Christmas box every month.  2010 taught me a very good lesson; that I can’t count on having all the time to do things for Christmas in the last 4 or 5 weeks of the year.

Saturday was an incredibly mild day.  We broke records and had temperatures in the 52 Fahrenheit range.  It was lovely to think it was that mild on January 1.  Only a dozen weeks or so and we’ll be starting to get spring weather.  I’m already counting the days until we go back to Daylight Savings Time. Along with the mild weather on Saturday, we had fog.

Smudge seemed to be looking at a quilt book as he reclined on the couch.

Lester posed for the camera Sunday night.

16 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Almost Done

  1. Great goals for 2011!! I love the quilt and a flannel back will be terrific. We also had very mild weather on Saturday and like you. I am counting the days for warmer weather.


  2. I like your goals and I like the idea of making smaller quilts too. Very cool photo of the fog!!! I am glad you are enjoying warmer weather. The photo of Smudge is priceless–I just love his expression. Lester is looking regal as always.


  3. Smaller quilts. I quit making resolutions long ago but I bought a miniature pattern at a Sept quilt show and announced to my guild I was going to lose the bed quilt habit. They are beginning to take too much storage space. Have made no progress toward that end but I think now is a good time to reset that “goal.” Thanks for the nudge.


  4. Wow – you have lots to work with Cathie – Good to have goals. No idea what mine are…as to ideas – I have far too many, and dont write them down I am sad to say. I love the baby quilt!


  5. Many of us are going the small quilt route this year. I just feel that it will get me finishing things faster and then moving on to the next one on the to-do list.

    I love your baby quilt and those fabrics. The design is wonderful !!


  6. A good list of goals Cathi :0) I’ve been thinking of keeping things a bit smaller this year too….once I get my UFOs done. It’s funny, I have been contemplating a quilt with all solids too, I have a nice large stack of them that should be used :0)



  7. I like instant gratification too, with small quits. There has to be some of that between the long term ones.

    Well Smudge is definitely better if he’s ready to start reading quilt books again!


  8. Beautiful photo! Looks ike something that you’d see with an inspirational quote at the bottom, hanging in someone’s office, beautiful!
    I love putting flannel on the backs of baby quilts! This is a beauty! What a lucky mother and child.
    I’ve been sewing bindings on finished quilts, “finishing” things seems to be my goal. Also, giving away many that have been made to go to others, just getting them in the mail and to their new home ( a feat in itself with where we live, but making it happen!).
    Then, to try to do a block a week or et some kind of goal for a weekly goal. The hexie flower garden club really worked for me and I miss that.


  9. Making small quilts is a good idea…….they are easier to finish, and one can try out lots of different things! Does the fog mean you had foggy moggies? (sorry about that……*grin*)


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  11. I love the fact you have projects on the go. I still have more than I should and now have just added another for my SIL. I have to finish quilting 2 medium /large quilts and want to make a couple of miniatures using Inklingo from patterns in a couple of Australian Patchwork and Quilting which had me drooling last year…….Darn, work keeps getting in the way.
    Lester looks good and Smudge seems more relaxed. Keep up the good work. Baby quilt looks lovely


  12. I love this quilt, its beautiful.

    Ever since I saw one of the “stars” on the inklingo website I wanted to make one.

    What shapes striaghten the edges out? I looked at the Hexagon design book but i cant figure it out. I have CD 1 and 2.


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