Stormy Seas

Working with the batiks proved to be irresistible so shapes were printed on two of the fabrics.   I actually have the individual units for a block stitched but not yet pressed or stitched together into the block.

This little pile of pieces is all I need for the next block.

The Stormy Seas quilt will be a long-term project as I plan to make it large enough for a king-size bed  and will be using 9″ blocks.  There’s a lot of stitching ahead of me on this one, but I have no deadline so can just enjoy the making of the blocks over the next year or so.

One of the other projects that is likely to get started on sometime in the next month or so will be made with these charm packs and the one larger piece of fabric from that line.  I have  a few ideas in mind for this one.

It has been amazingly mild this week.  The mornings are a bit chilly, but as the day wears on we are hitting temperatures in the 50s.  The other day, Mr. Q.O. got this photo of one of the trees at the front of our building.

Each week new floral arrangements are placed on pedestals in the lobby.

Smudge and Lester look so sweet in this shot — but don’t be fooled.  Lester was wanting to curl up in the pink chair and was hoping Smudge would move.

5 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Cathi – I love your Stormy Seas. My Colombian friend from the (Spanish speaking) Tuesday sewing group is working on one – we gave her an Inklingo gift certificate for her birthday and she chose the 6″ Storm at Sea – she’s doing it by machine.

    A rare photo of the boys together. Do they fight for the chair or will Lester just wait patiently until Smudge decides to leave.


  2. You know, having a long term project is nice as you can work on it and then put it away to start new projects! My quilt group met yesterday for an all day sew and we decided that next year’s project would be to see how many NEW projects everybody can start and not finish because we tried this year to see how many old projects we could manage to finish and THAT DIDN’T WORK!

    Nice calm cat picture!


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