Summer Picnic Dish

A bit more has been done on the Summer Picnic Dish.  While I’m working on the baby quilt, I’m going to try to set aside a few evenings per week when I work on some of my other projects.  The Summer Picnic Dish is one of those projects.  How large I’ll make this is still up in the air.  I think it will be a good-sized lap quilt.

While out on the roof garden taking the above picture, we got some of the various flowers.  The hosta are now all blooming.

We noticed a bee fly into one of the hosta flowers and got this close-up.  I think if you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll see the bee.

I love the splash of red on this flower.

Once again, they forecast the possibility of thunderstorms on Thursday and once again there wasn’t even a drop of rain.  It was breezy but quite sunny and there were only a few clouds to be seen.

Smudge curled up for a while Thursday afternoon to catch up on some sleep.

Lester was on duty on the windowsill.

11 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish

  1. Oh I really love your quilt you are working on. I just the other day purchased inklingo’s double wedding ring and pickle dish add-on. I made the double wedding ring quilt five years ago for my daughter’s wedding but used acrylic templates. I really want to make it again using this new method..
    I really love the fabrics you are using. You are so talented!

    Love the flowers. Our day today is gorgeous here and the temps are supposed to be around 79! Quite a relief from what we’ve had.

    Have a great day today and happy stitching!


  2. The Pickle Dish is looking great! Nice summer look, we love it! Are the little pieces in the rings quite fussy…or when precise with Inklingo…more fun? The roof garden is amazing…all that beauty and none of the work! Perfect! Kitties looking quite contented too!


  3. Do you have a different project for every evening? Love your hosta’s!! Hihihi, busy looking bee!! Does Lester ever sleep? He is always on the look out? happy sewing on your tonight’s project! Hugs, Daniëlle


  4. I think that is a good plan. I like to have more than one project at a time going. Keeps me more motivated. I bought my kitties a couple of toys to play with today. Callie played and played with hers, but Aeris ran off and hid. LOL Aeris is kind of a chicken. LOL Have a good weekend. Your Summer Picnic Dish is looking great. Winona


  5. Love the Pickle Dish, it will be gorgeous! I do like to see pretty flower pics – can’t wait to see what will come up here in summer. Well… kitty has to keep guard while the other one sleeps, don’t they?


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