The Almost Completed Never-Ending Quilt

The quilting is finished, the binding made and stitched to the front and tacked down on three-quarters of the back, but I just got too tired to complete the binding last night.  I’ll finish it today and we’ll hopefully be able to get a really good photograph out on the roof garden.  These pictures don’t really show the true colours as they were taken quite late at night with the flash on.  The binding fabric was just the right choice.  I like the look of it both on the front and the back.

Monday was nowhere near as hot as it has been the past couple of weeks.  Both cats got in some windowsill time again.  First Lester.

And then Smudge.

16 thoughts on “The Almost Completed Never-Ending Quilt

  1. You must be so happy to be finally done Cathi! It is beautiful…really lovely…yep, that’s quilt envy sneaking in there! LOL! Gotta go fabric shopping with you sometime and let you pick the fabrics…I love the ones you used in this quilt but at the fabric shop, they wouldn’t even register in my mind….weird, huh!


  2. Oh the Chintz quilt is stunning! Really appeals to my girlie-girl side! A lovely big summer hat with large pink cabbage roses on it…a glass of lemonade and this quilt draped softly…ah, summertime! Kitties are looking quite royal today!


  3. It has turned out to be a lovely quilt. I know she will love it. I especially like your backing too. For someone that doesn’t like the machine….you did a wonderful job quilting it. Way to go gal!!!!!


  4. Oh Cathi, this is lovely. Like everyone else, I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt. Hopefully it isn’t raining there like it is here, so you can get a good picture today. I am sure the boys would love to try it out. (grin) Winona


  5. Cathi,
    Your quilt turned out so nice! I love your quilting on it too. You did great!
    The fabrics in it are just so lovely and cheery.
    Our weather has cooled off here too…thankfully.


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