Chintz Circles Completed

The binding is finished and photos were taken out on the roof garden this afternoon. I am thrilled with how it turned out.  672 pieces in the top that all went together so easily thanks to the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection printing the stitching lines and matching points on the fabric.  I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to post these photos!

The back.

The final touch was a totally lump-free binding thanks to this tutorial I found on Bonnie Hunter’s website.  I’ve tried doing lump-free binding many times with instructions from books and various sites, with varying degrees of success.  The tutorial on Bonnie’s website made it absolutely foolproof for me.

Now I can’t wait for August 1st when the quilt will be given to my aunt on her 90th birthday.  All that’s left now is the label, which will be added this weekend.

To see more finishes, go to Lit and Laundry and the post here with links to Friday finishes.

40 thoughts on “Chintz Circles Completed

  1. Yipeee!! It turned out beautifully. Your aunt is going to be thrilled – does she read your blog – or is it going to be a surprise?

    I see by your piece count you have 6 more blocks than I do because I only have 576 pieces. – but I am going to have a border – or it will be too small.

    Looking forward to the progress of Chintz Circles II.


  2. Congratulations on a wonderful finish, Cathi! It is a really beautiful quilt!!
    Happy birthday to your aunt!!! I am sure she will be thrilled with the quilt!


  3. Fantastic! We knew it would be though! Love the backing too…! I’m thinking there may be tears of delight on August 1st…! 🙂


  4. I don’t know what made me check the computer tonite, since I usually do this in the morning- but I am so glad I did! Your quilt is WONDERFUL….I couldn’t wait to see the quilting, and it is perfect! Lovely backing and yes a very neat binding too. (By the time I get to the binding I am usually weary of the thing and just want to get it finished !)
    Thanks for showing this tonite…Your Aunt is a lucky duck, and I hope she has a Happy 90th! fondly, Sandy


  5. Wow! It’s just fabulous — the colors are so pretty and subtle, and I adore quilts with circles. What a wonderful gift for your aunt — won’t it be great fun presenting it to her after all the work you put into it — it’s just gorgeous.


  6. Gosh! That is just beautiful. Those colors are lovely and the backing you used is gorgeous! I will have to put that on the list to try as I did download the Orange Peel Deluxe download from inklingo.
    Really, really lovely. Such nice work!!


  7. It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! You have done a wonderful job Cathi!! Your aunt will be so thrilled with this gift from the heart!! Have a happy sewing day, hugs, Daniëlle


  8. Cathi,
    The quilt is absolutely stunning!!!! Your aunt is going to be thrilled. It has been a joy to watch this gofrom idea to finished quilt. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, B


  9. It’s even more beautiful that I could have imagined from the little peek you showed us yesterday, Cathi. Your aunt is going to love it!

    Super finish and great job!


  10. Absolutely fabulous! The backing is perfect for the project – the whole quilt is just breathtaking!! Is that hubby holding it up? I see the top of a head, and some shoes!


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