Summer Picnic Dish

The Pickle Dish collections were released on the weekend and I couldn’t resist making this instead of the classic red and white pickle dish I had planned to do.  Something about a summer picnic dish wall hanging just seemed like the right idea for now.  I had cut and pressed fabric to freezer paper, printed my shapes and cut them out and was stitching within a few minutes of downloading the collection.  While I’m hand-piecing, I’m sure this could be easily machine pieced as the curves are very gentle.  To that end, Linda even included a template for paper piecers to print out and use for that method.  It is an amazingly simple block to stitch with the matching points and stitching lines that Inklingo prints.  I really can’t imagine making this block with any other method!

There’s an absolutely fabulous Design Book as well, which is free to download.  There are lots of great tips in it for stitching both Pickle Dish and Double Wedding Ring quilts.

More greenery from the roof garden.  After the weekend,  during which we did have some rain, I think it’s probably even greener out there now.  Maybe some flowers will start to show up soon too.

It was a rather hectic weekend and I haven’t really looked at blogs or even replied to some comments yet.  I hope to get back on track after Tuesday.  In the meantime, if I haven’t responded to a comment,  please know that I really do appreciate getting comments and always do respond — eventually.  This is one of those “eventually” times, it seems.

Lester loves to sleep in the pink chair.

While Smudge finds the couch more to his liking most of the time.

19 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish

  1. Wouah: I love that block, especially with the fabric in the middle. Thank you for the link.
    As for your cats, they must have had a very tiring weekend !


  2. Wow, you don’t waste any time! That block is fabulous. I love it, my kind of block, curves, spikes, what is not to like? How big do you think you will make this quilt? I can definitely see this on a bed. We are getting your rain today… ugh!


  3. Such an amazing block! Thank you for “whippin’ this up” for us to see. I love that you do that.

    Cathi, I love seeing the boys in their spots and look at those darn Smudge paws in the back. They’re so cute all cuddled up against the couch. I LUV that look!


  4. Love to come on a summer picnic with you hihi!! And well – eventually – is quite alright! When you are making such lovely blocks, you are excused hihi! happy sewing, Daniëlle


  5. Cathi….Your pickle dish is breathtaking!!! Perfect use for your fabric. I am in awe of the work you put out. It puts me to shame.


  6. Beautiful block even if it isn’t MY taste which runs more to traditional.
    I am rounding the corner on my little giveaway project and I might get to start something new for my hand work box!


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