One Flower Wednesday … on Thursday

These little flowers are so fast to put together that I couldn’t resist making 4 of them.  My idea for a quilt using these is changing quite a bit though.  I may be putting these in a quilt of their own rather than with the blossoms seen here.

The backs:

Do you want to see more hexagon flowers being done for One Flower Wednesday?  Karen, the hostess of One Flower Wednesday, is making them as seen hereDanielleAnnSandra and Valentina are all adding flowers to their gardens as well.

Tuesday night I spent some time looking through this book before I fell asleep and, of course, woke up Wednesday morning with all sorts of ideas.  Although the instructions are written in Japanese, it really doesn’t matter as there are tons of illustrations.

There are a number of super hexagon quilts in the book. This is one of my favourites:

Although this picture doesn’t quite show it, at one point Wednesday afternoon the sky got quite stormy looking.  I thought we might have had our first thunderstorm of the season, but we had only a brief downpour of rain.  I just realized we didn’t even have thunder snow last winter so it has been ages since we’ve had a storm.  As evident from the picture, the leaves on the tree are just starting to open.

Lester was at his normal post for this time of year — on the windowsill.

While Smudge seemingly decided it was a great day to laze about.  He always makes me laugh when he stretches out like this.

15 thoughts on “One Flower Wednesday … on Thursday

  1. It’s a wonder you slept at all!! Never seen the book before, at which store can I order it? Never ideas enough hihi! Love your new flowers and their backs ….. amazing, you should see the ones I make grrrrr. Do you also iron them after sewing the flowers together? I think Smudge and Yvette are soulmates hihi, ever seen a Labrador weighing 35 kilos stretch hahahaha! Shame we don’t have a fireplace!! Happy sewing, Daniëlle


  2. Thunder snow?

    They are very cute little hexie flowers. Did you see the exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada – unfortunately it’s finished now – there were some beautiful 19th century silk hexagon quilts.


  3. Sweet little flowers Cathi. We got one thunder snow storm last winter and have had our first spring thunder storm. I put the snow shovels back into the garage, I hope this won’t bring on another spring snow storm!!



  4. At least you got your Wednesday flowers done – if a day late…better late than never. Your leaves are just appearing…and our are all falling… waiting for more rain here.


  5. Nice flowers! That’s a lot of work and not for me, at least right now. I’ve been following a few of the quilter’s progress with the flowers. Here in Windsor, we had a thunderstorm on the Monday after Easter, I think. One crack of thunder was so loud, I thought someone was shooting at me through the window. It scared the pants off me!


  6. Smudge cracks me up and your Hexies intrigue me… Your Flowers are gorgeous and give such an amazing effect!
    Thank you for sharing that book, can we see some more?
    I posted on thursday too! 🙂


  7. Lovely flowers. I love the way you have placed your fabrics, it is awesome.
    The book looks very interesting too. Where did you buy it from? I suppose there is no translation of the title in English…


  8. Lovely flowers! I LOVE toile fabric!!!! THat chair is gorgeous! When I had my upholstery/drapery workroom I would just adore working with toiles…. Great book! Thank you for sharing everything, great post. Glad your spring is coming.


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