Spring Circles Update

It was calm enough Tuesday to get a shot of the Spring Circles/Alabama Beauty blocks out on the roof garden.  There are now 16 blocks put together and 9 circles have appeared in their entirety.   At this point it’s 36″ square.  If I make it as large as I’m anticipating, it will be 108″ by 108″.  That’s going to require many, many more blocks — 128 more, to be exact.  Rather daunting if I look at it that way.  I think I’ll focus on getting each quadrant done and not look too far down the road with this one. There’s something about this block that fascinates me.

There were a number of good ideas for the floral print I showed yesterday.  This weekend I think I’ll try it against some other fabrics and see if I can find the perfect combination for it.  Later today I’ll be working on my One Flower Wednesday hexagon block.

Lester, showing why I think of him as our house lion.

Smudge is usually rather afraid of the window washers and will spend hours under the bed until he’s sure they’re gone.  This time?  This time he seemed to be quite laid-back about the whole thing.  No hiding under the bed.

14 thoughts on “Spring Circles Update

  1. Yes, now I really see the “Lion” in Lester. How cool. Perfect timing on that shot.

    Friend, Spring Circles are decadent. I’m in awe. I find myself scrolling back up the page to look and stare as I write this reply. This setting makes a girls design & fabric mind start to drift Off the Reservation and that’s the last thing I need to do. But even just a little quilt. Oh I have to leave. This isn’t good for my planned day. I love you and all that good friend stuff but you’re killin’ me!!!


  2. Now THIS will be one beeeauuuutiful quilt. I Love what you have done – how wonderful it be when a large size :)…Not that they arent beautiful now . ♥


  3. This is very pretty. I am looking for a pattern similar to this. Are you using a pattern? May I ask what it is? Thanks. This is so beautiful. It will be gorgeous when you finish all the blocks (looks like a lot of work!)!


  4. Hi Cathi, gosh it’s been so long since I’ve had a dose of your cats and your, miss you 🙂
    I love your spring circles, what a beautiful quilt and great picture…I’ve thought about doing one of these for so long now…you may have inspired me just a little 🙂
    Hope this email finds your new home well and settled (I know it’s been that long) consider this ❤ your housewarming comment!!



  5. I really like this now that I see them together, I had looked at the blocks and wasn’t seeing how the background circles were going to work, but I get it now. lol


  6. Hi Cathi – Every time I see your progress on Spring Circles, I’m tempted to start one of my own. There’s too much on my plate at the moment. Thanks too for the pictures of your sweet kitties.


  7. Hi Cathi, so nice of you to visit my blog!! I have read yours and love your AB blocks and the fabrics you are using!! Smudge and Lester are gorgeous!! No cats here, only 1 silly chocolate Labrador called Yvette! this morning I found by flower UFO and it needs some ironing after being in a drawer for 8 years hihi! Will show it Wednesday next together with a new flower of course! I will put you on my bloglist so I can watch the AB progress and more! Happy sewing, take care, Daniëlle


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