Fabric Choices

Once I knew my idea for the Alabama Beauty blocks was going to work out as well as I hoped, it was time to get out the box in which I have the fabrics left over from the shabby chic king-sized quilt and from some of my Quilted Diamonds blocks.  This weekend I’ll spend some time picking out more fabrics and get the templates printed on to them.  I have no set plan, but will print the templates on however many fabrics I end up picking out from the box.  Then when I start to piece those blocks in earnest, I’ll have lots of pieces cut out and ready from which to choose.

My preferred method seems to be having lots of choices all ready to use, so that I can change my mind at the last minute regarding what fabrics are in a block.  That way I do end up with pieces left over but those left-over pieces often become part of something new or get incorporated into a quilt label.  Planning the whole quilt top out to the last fabric isn’t something I do very often, it seems.

We have had a quite a drop in temperature with an overnight low last night in the range of -7C, although that’s not going to last much past today.  It was quite windy on Thursday and, while Lester spent a little bit of time on the windowsill, it appears relaxing on the couch was the more appropriate thing to do.

Yesterday morning, Smudge decided that he wanted to spend some time in my desk chair.  I think this is one of the best shots of him we’ve got.

5 thoughts on “Fabric Choices

  1. It sounds like a lovely time to me….fondling fabric :0)

    When you print them out does it print the cut lines too or do you just rotary cut between them?



  2. We had a really windy day yesterday, big wind gusts. The only good thing is that most of the leaves left my yard and went somewhere else. I hope we don’t get a wind to bring them back now.


  3. Very regal looking cats today 🙂 My cats spent the weekend looking out the windows and enjoying all the birds and squirrels outside. It was windy this weekend and today and not as warm as I thought it would be.


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