A Little Shabby Chic Curved Piecing

These are some of the fabrics I picked out for shabby chic Alabama Beauty blocks.  There are other fabrics I’ll add to the mix as I do more blocks, but these are a starting point.

Once the fabrics were selected, it took me only minutes to cut my fabric, press it to the freezer paper and print the templates on the backs of my fabrics.  Then I was off to the races.  While we watched Angels & Demons last night, I stitched this block.

The back, which didn’t press as well as I would have liked.  I’m on the hunt for distilled water to use in the iron as we have extremely hard water and I’ve been told that using half distilled/half tap water will help lengthen the life of my iron.  As soon as I find the distilled water, this is going to be pressed again.

All that rain on Tuesday made a difference.  I looked out Wednesday morning and noticed, for the first time, some green shoots coming up in the flower beds on the roof garden.  Unfortunately, they’re saying we’ll have a wind chill of -11 on Friday, which I don’t think will do those little plants much good, but then it looks like it’s going to warm up and stay warm.  I hope they open the roof garden soon.  It can be absolutely wonderful out there on a sunny day in a sheltered spot.

The cats have been busy the last couple of days.  Almost every toy is now out of the basket.  Last night Lester was very busy with either the catnip pillow, which he licks and licks, or the practice golf ball.  Here is he relaxing after all that.

And Smudge doing his lounge act.

13 thoughts on “A Little Shabby Chic Curved Piecing

  1. What a great movie to sew by!! The new block is terrific. I don’t use my tap water either in the iron. Our water is quite hard too. Even though we have a water softener, I don’t want to risk it in the iron. I love the pictures of the cats!!


  2. I love the preliminary fabric choices and the block is just beautiful!!

    Do the boys pick up after themselves? We had a cat that would grab my son’s stuffed animals, play with one, put it back and grab another.



  3. The directions that came with one of my irons actually suggested alternating tap water and distilled. We have hard water too so I use a bigger percentage of the distilled.


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