Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Amy’s Quilt Festival has begun. There are an amazing variety of gorgeous quilts to look at. What a great way to see so many wonderful quilts!

My entry is a king-sized quilt made of elongated and regular 1″ hexagons which I hand pieced. I’ve called it my shabby chic stripe quilt. It contains 3,295 pieces. It’s almost impossible to get a good photo of it. This one seems to wash out the colours.

We tried this out on the roof garden where it’s draped over one of the benches.

I saw the pattern for the quilt in an old issue of Australian Patchwork & Quilting and was immediately taken by it. But there was no way I was doing English paper piecing so I just passed it by. Then when Inklingo was introduced in May 2006, and the elongated hexagon and 1″ hexagon were in the first collection, I was off to the races. The minute I saw those two shapes were included, I immediately thought of this quilt. It had stayed in my mind for years! The very first thing I printed were some elongated hexagons, thinking I’d just make a lap quilt. Hah!! 3,295 pieces later, it was king-sized and finished.

This is a close-up of a small section that is a bit better as far as the colours are concerned.

I love the look of the quilt and enjoyed every minute of making it.

When it was finished and back from the long-arm quilter, I made the label. This picture was taken before I wrote on the cream 2″ hexagon. Making a label that somehow reflects the front of the quilt is something I try to do.

Now to spend lots of time looking at all the wonderful quilts that have been entered in the quilt festival. No admission prices, no driving for hours to go to a quilt show. All can be seen from the comfort of your own home! At the time of writing this there are over 350 quilts already entered.

30 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival

  1. I love one patch quilts too!! I've made one (a tumbling block) and now I'm in the middle of a pinwheel one. This is amazing – not only is the color palette great but the size is wild!! WOW!


  2. Cathi, Your quilt is gorgeous and you must have the patience of a saint to do all that work by hand. P.S. I miss seeing a picture of Smudge and Lester! Pat Mc


  3. Very beautiful Cathi!! What an accomplishment to make something so large all by hand… hats off to you!! And every good luck for your entry.I have a charm pack of these elongated hexagons printed but nothing done with them. Your quilt has given me great inspiration. Thank you. Hugs Elly


  4. This is awesome…I love your work with hexies and other similiar type blocks. I would love to try, but fear I would get discouraged because of the time element.


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