Patchwork of the Crosses – Wisteria Purples Framed

The very first POTC block I made and what is probably my favourite block was up next for framing with the cream hexagons and squares. The camera had trouble with the one of the purples in the block. The long hexagons that appear to be a blue purple are much more purple than they appear.

The back:
Enough of the blocks are framed now that I think we can get a somewhat decent shot of all the blocks laid out and an idea of how the quilt will look. There’s still lots of work to be done, but I’d love to get an idea of placement now and maybe start putting the rows together as I frame them. I’m starting to think about how this will be quilted but haven’t come up with any good ideas yet.

Smudge completely relaxed. He makes me laugh out loud when his paws are like that.

Lester hanging out on the sofa as well.

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