A Nervous Day

Nothing quilty today. We’ve just heard that Lester’s echo-cardiogram will be tomorrow. I am so apprehensive about what the results may show as far as the progression of the HCM goes, given that he has thrown a clot since being on the three meds including Plavix. I’m very grateful that our vet’s office has arrangements with a cardiologist who actually comes to their clinic. Rather than having to take Lester to the cardiologist, which is about a 90-minute drive, the trip to our vet’s clinic is only about 10 minutes. The actual test only takes about 20 minutes, so we should be home within an hour or so.

Tomorrow is Lester’s birthday too — he will be 9. I think it’s definitely going to be time for a new kitty toy when we get home from the echo.

I’m almost frozen with apprehension. Best I work this afternoon and try to not think about I this. I want a magical event to take place and his heart to be good as new, but …

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