Christmas Gifts

Two friends who are dedicated machine piecers are getting a block like this plus Inklingo 2 for Christmas. I’m using the blocks I made as wrapping. 😉 I am so impressed with how easy it is to make HST, QST and flying geese using the Inklingo method that I want to share the excitement. This was another block I made totally by machine and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I can’t believe how fast it was to put together, but I’m still uncomfortable with those bulky seam intersections in the corners. Possibly I need a better iron to really “tame” them.

One table runner leaves here today. No pictures till the recipient has received and opened it. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. One more is now quilted, just needs the binding put on. The third is ready to baste and the fourth is still being stitched!! I still need to make 13 little 6-point stars for the fourth one and then finish putting the rows together. It’s getting awfully close. I have a feeling there will be a few really late nights this week and weekend in order to get this done. There is a fifth runner I would really like to get done before Christmas as an extra gift, but time is becoming a real issue.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. It’s really dead easy. Figure out the size of the piece of fabric you want to print on, cut it out, iron it to freezer paper and print on the wrong side of your fabric. That’s it. No setting liquids or anything are required.


  2. I’ve never tried inklingo but it sounds like a fabulous way to make triangles. Putting them in a block sounds like a fabulous way to wrap them. You certainly have been busy with those blocks and all those table runners. 5!


  3. I wrap all our ‘in house’ gifts in fabric and we just love the ‘green’ aspect of that, but looking at this gorgeous block is giving me a wish list of beautiful orphan blocks just for gifts such as this one! It’s a fabulous idea and now I’m off the discover what inklingo is 😉


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