Hybrid Blocks

The points on these two blocks match much better than the one I did totally by machine — and no more bulky intersections! I printed more of the HST’s and QST’s and it was a snap to put together the flying geese, QST and HST units by machine and then put the blocks together by hand. Thanks to Inklingo we really do have the best of both worlds. One can do things like flying geese, HST’s and QST’s with the machine and get those units put together really quickly and accurately. Then, to get intersections that one can fan out and get rid of those incredibly bulky areas, one can piece the rest by hand using the stitching lines that Inklingo prints on your fabric. Of course, for those who are much more comfortable with their machines than I am, I’m sure this would go together in a snap all by machine.

For me, the idea of a hybrid block — done partially by hand and partially by machine — is the perfect solution. I’m really quite excited by this and am even looking at other blocks that I can do in this hybrid fashion.

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get comfortable using the sewing machine. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hybrid Blocks

  1. Whatever works best for you …. is the way to go! I had never heard or thought about this technique but it sounds like a great solution for you! Your blocks look wonderful …. keep going.


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