Seven Sisters Table Runner Progress and A LIght Bulb Moment

It’s halfway done now and is going together so easily, thanks to Inklingo. I’m using 1.5″ diamonds and triangles from Collection 3. At this point, it’s almost 26 inches long. The next two blocks will be more shades of green/turquoise that all go together quite nicely. I actually have the third block almost finished and ready to attach to this so hopefully by the end of next week that will be the third of the four Christmas gifts finished as far as piecing goes.

The light bulb moment? Well, I’ve been studying my Christmas Star block and realized that I could — and I’m going to — use the sewing machine to piece the units such as the HST’s, QST’s and flying geese and then put the units together into rows and rows together into the block by hand. This will, I’m sure, make a block that I’m much happier with. I just can’t get over the bulky intersections one gets when using the machine!! But I’m thrilled with how fast I can make the units by machine.

I will definitely get the best of both worlds. Thanks to Inklingo, I have the seam lines already printed on my patches so don’t have to worry about that. I’m really quite excited about this as I can see having these blocks done relatively quickly. My plan is to do 30 blocks, 15 with green centres and 15 with the red centres. While the quilt may not be done for this Christmas, I will be working on it over the Christmas season — and that’s fun! This weekend I plan to get at least one block done with the green centre and one with the red centre. I can’t wait to see how they go together!

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