Wednesday Woes

Work is most definitely getting in the way of quilting! I’ll be lucky to do much of anything for about two weeks as we have hit the “It’s almost summer. Got to get this done before holidays start!” hysteria that seems to happen every year. Am a bit surprised this didn’t occur earlier this year, given how incredibly warm it has been here all month. However, it will be two weeks of insanity followed by about two months of very little.

I’ve been playing with another design using the Inklingo 1 and 2-inch hexagons and the star point on Collection 1. Think this one will be a large lap quilt. It goes together incredibly quickly and is a lot of fun.

This is about to get basted and go in the hoop. It’s one of the Pacific Rim 2-fabric appliques and was great fun to work on. The 2-fabric applique patterns all seem so enticing.

This is Smudge, Lester’s half-brother. He is an imp. One of his favourite tricks is to bat at the thread as I’m trying to get it in the needle. Sometimes it’s very frustrating. He has some very odd habits such as meowing incredibly loudly in the middle of the night as he sits on the bedroom windowsill looking out on the roof garden. He’s a definite lap kitty and would, if we would sit still that long, stay on a lap for 2 or 3 hours at a time.