Twinkling Stars

Starting a new quilt as the baseball playoffs are close to beginning seems to be something I do each year. Last year it was the pink and cream star quilt. This year it will be the twinkling stars. I think I choose stars as they’re easy to stitch while watching the games.

There are 10 colours I’m using for the spiky little stars. I have all the spiky long triangles and coloured squares printed and most of the half tumblers and large white squares. By the end of this week, all the shapes for this quilt will be printed, cut and ready to stitch. With any luck, the quilt top will be finished by the time the World Series is finished.

I finger press as I stitch and then, when I have a few done, give them a quick press with the iron.

Baxter close-ups.  First a paw.

Then his face.