Curved Piecing

One of my favourite things is to play with blocks that have curved piecing.  There’s something I find immensely satisfying about stitching a perfectly curved seam.   I made these six blocks back when the Orange Peel Inklingo collection came out and design ideas have been floating through my mind.  The six blocks in the picture above are going to be made into a Christmas table topper, I think.  I may add 3 more blocks just to make it a bit larger.

Last night I laid out the six blocks just for fun.  The idea I have will incorporate, in one instance, just the Alabama Beauty blocks (the top left in the photo), while another idea will use four of the different blocks.  Now it’s a matter of deciding what fabrics I want to use for this.  Perhaps hand dyed fabrics with some batiks or some soft shabby chic fabrics.   I think this is my favourite part — playing with design ideas and choosing the fabrics.   I know what I want to make and it’s really a matter now of whether I want it to be soft and flowing or dramatic and intense.  Perhaps both.  Who knows?  In the meantime, I get to play.

I proofread transcripts for court reporters.  This has now happened to me twice and it cracks me up.  I am so used to typing the word Inklingo and thinking about Inklingo that when a witness or lawyer says inkling in a transcript, it looks completely wrong to me and I instinctively want to change it to Inklingo!  I catch myself wanting to change what the typist has typed but it makes me laugh thinking about what a lawyer would say upon coming across the word “Inklingo” in a transcript.

I got started on the Anthony Trollope novels last night and, while I initially found the writing a bit stiff, can already see that I’m going to enjoy them.  Thanks to Betty who yesterday left a comment about another author, Angela Thirkell, who carried on the characters in the Barsetshire series into the WWII era.  I know I’ll probably devour those books as well. I love the idea of a great long series of books following a families through generations.

Lester, alert last night after another day of watching out the window — at rain and more rain.

And Smudge sound asleep.

More Orange Peel

Two more blocks done. This one was very quick to put together with lots of continuous stitching to join the peels around the centre and then the white background pieces around the peels.

The back:

This one was fun to stitch — as the peel was joined to each background piece, the block started to come together. Again, a quick one to stitch.

The back:

Smudge waiting patiently once again for his nightly yogourt treat.

Lester watching something from the comfort of his kitty bed.

Eiffel Tower — Orange Peel Variation

Yet another variation that can be made from the shapes in the new Orange Peel collection is this one, which has been called Eiffel Tower. This was really quick to put together. I can see this done in a variety of fabrics and colours.

Once I get the 6 blocks I’m making with these fabrics done, I think I’m going to try a couple of the blocks using different fabrics and a background fabric for the peel to make the various other shapes really stand out. Curved piecing is so much fun that I want to drop everything else and just do more and more of these blocks.

The back:
On Monday afternoon we went to one of the flu shot clinics in Toronto and got the H1N1 vaccinations after checking with Mr. Q.O.’s doctor who said to get them, even though what we had a few weeks ago was thought to be H1N1. We’ve read some articles lately about people getting it twice. That is not something I’d want to go through twice. I got the seasonal flu shot at the same time, but in the other arm. Mr. Q.O. had had the seasonal flu shot back in October. I was impressed with how well the flu clinic was operating — extremely efficient and amazingly quick with great staff. The longest part of the whole process was the 15 minute wait afterwards to ensure that there were no allergic reactions. By midnight Monday night both arms were rather sore, but I figure that’s a small price to pay for the protection the vaccines offer.

Smudge snoozing in a kitty bed:

And Lester with one of their favourite toys.

Orange Blossom

These wonderfully gentle curves and the variations one can make with the shapes have me hooked!! This one has been named Orange Blossom. The effect is fabulous and looks much more complicated than it really is. There are four more different blocks I’m going to make using the various shapes and these fabrics.

The back:

Our kitty-sitting of Winnie is over for now. We’re going to miss her but have asked for and been granted visitation rights. 🙂

Lester curled up with an assortment of buddies . This one almost could go in the “find the kitty’s head” category.

Smudge on the windowsill. We’re supposed to be getting snow this week. I’m hoping it misses us, but I suppose the kitties might like to watch a few snowflakes fly by the windows.

Alabama Beauty

As soon as I saw the shapes for this in the new Orange Peel Inklingo collection, I knew I had to use the fabric I’ve been looking at for so long and wondering what I’d make with it. I’m going to make, I think, 8 of these blocks for a table runner. It was amazingly quick and effortless to put together.

The back:

Today is our last day taking care of Winnie as our friends return from their vacation late this evening. We’re asking for visitation rights! I’m going to miss spending time with her.

The grackles were back swooping about on Thursday. This picture only shows a very few of them perched in one of the trees.

The cats weren’t as impressed. It was a very overcast day with rain on and off. Lester got comfortable in his kitty bed and ignored the grackles.

And Smudge curled up on the couch with a teddy bear.