Storm at Sea and a Quilt

After yesterday’s post, I got out my stitching book. Then out came some of the extra pieces for a Storm at Sea block and I began arranging them to see if I liked the look of them all mixed up. I think doing the remaining blocks like this is going to give a lot of motion to the quilt. The ones that are 2-fabric blocks will remain as the centre or perhaps the outer edges of the quilt. That’s still to be decided.

Having a stitching book like this is fabulous. I can lay out my block and then just close the book and, as I used batting for the pages of the book, the pieces will remain there until I open the book up again and begin to stitch. I took two appliqué blocks that I wasn’t going to use in a quilt, layered them with batting and backing, quilted it in a 1″ cross-hatch and then bound it. Then I added pages made from batting.

This bow-tie quilt hasn’t been seen for ages. It’s a queen-sized quilt made up of 3″ blocks. I had started to quilt it quite a while ago but ended up putting it away once I realized there was a problem with the basting and that I was going to have to take both my quilting and the basting out, press it as pleats had been basted in and then start over. It has been on my mind the last little while and I finally dragged it out yesterday. While I’m not planning to work on it this weekend, it will be done over the next couple of weeks.

I mixed up everything in this quilt – batiks, checks, plaids, ’30s fabrics, florals, you name it. The only constant was the muslin. Looking back, I can’t believe I traced all those pieces from templates.

When we have cereal in the morning, Baxter loves to have a bit of the milk. He’s not shy about asking for his share, either. If we’re not quick enough, a paw is quite likely to reach up and try to snag our spoons just to remind us that he’s waiting.