Stormy Seas – Almost Finish!

Where have I been – again? Among other things, this time I was taking stock, so to speak, and assessing what projects I have in varying states of completion and — well, it was a bit scary!! There are a LOT of them! I was opening project box after project box and finding ones I had conveniently forgotten.

I hadn’t forgotten this one, though. Who could forget a project in a project box like this?

When I opened it, it wasn’t quite as full as it is now as there were still 11 blocks to be made. I completed the last block this week.

There are now 72 blocks composed of 9 sets of blocks each of which has 8 blocks.

I wish I had written down what my plan was when I began this project way back in … this is making me cringe … 2010. It is going to take me some time to sort out a setting for them. The blocks finish at 9″ square. I used the 6.75″ Inklingo Storm at Sea collection to make them and, because I decided to use the double diamond setting, my blocks finish at 9″. All made in glorious blue batiks.

If I’m not frozen in one spot (our weather forecast is awful! – so cold!), I might play with laying the blocks out at some point over the weekend.

Each block is pressed like this and all the seams have been graded.

When I began the project, I decided to keep all the little pieces of fabric from grading the seams to get an idea of how much that would amount to for an entire quilt top. The jar is almost full, although I’m quite sure I’ll be able to get the balance of the clippings in as I grade the seams from joining the blocks.

I haven’t decided what project I’ll tackle next, but I think it may be either one that I can finish very quickly or one that involves some curved piecing. I have an abundance of choices!

Baxter was hanging out in his kitty tree Thursday morning. I have a feeling he may not want to be that close to the window this weekend!

11 thoughts on “Stormy Seas – Almost Finish!

  1. Storm at Sea, they are all so beautiful, and a good time to play with the blocks, way too risky to be outdoors, is it the vortex cold that is coming your way? Baxter, you are always the coolest guy on the block !! ( pardon the pun)


    • Thank you – I am pleased with the fact I got the blocks finished finally. Next up is trying to ensure I like the placement of them! That polar vortex indeed did hit us – Friday and Saturday were unspeakably cold!!



  2. So good to see you in yesterdays email. If I could, I would send you some of our sunshine today. It seems to be in limited quantity this time of year. Of course it was gorgeous on Groundhog’s Day :{{{.
    If you need inspiration for your storm at sea blocks, I see in the news that there is a great storm rocking and rolling the North Sea! Apparently if you want a nice cruise this time of year, go south!


    • Stormy Seas, indeed!! LOL. That in itself is enough to make me want to put that project away again for a while as the mere idea of a cruise made me feel immediately queasy – I get seasick at even a hint of movement!!



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