Final Group of Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars


I really can’t pick a favourite from these two – I love the effects I got with fussy cutting/printing all of these wild floral kaleidoscope stars.


But of this pair I definitely have a favourite – the one on the left. When I was sewing that star together, I knew it was going to be one of my top favourites.


Pair 3 in this final group has two stars that I love. It’s so hard to believe all these different wild floral kaleidoscope stars came from the same fabric.


Of this pair, the star on the left is definitely my favourite but I really like the effect in the centre of the star on the right. Oh, it’s hopeless – I just really like all of them.


The final pair. And it’s impossible to choose a favourite again.


And here’s the pile of finished wild floral kaleidoscope stars.


[Edited to add this picture] That all came from this fabric.


Remember when this box was so overflowing I could barely put the lid on it?


Now it’s empty and atop the mountain of 80 wild floral kaleidoscope stars! I have, I think, the perfect setting for them figured out. I may have the perfect fabric for the connecting shapes. I’m not sure yet, as I will have to audition a few of the stars against it. If I’m right and it works, then I may get those connecting shapes printed this weekend.


There’s also this stack of diamonds printed on the same wild floral fabric that will be used in the setting of the wild floral kaleidoscope stars. I am getting excited about getting this one put together.

And that box won’t stay empty for long. It may get filled up with diamonds printed on the pottery fabric, perhaps even this weekend.


“A Little Snow at the Cottage.”

Image 11-21-2013 at 10.59 PMwtmk

It was a rather chilly day yesterday. Baxter was cozy in his kitty bed.

6 thoughts on “Final Group of Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Top left is my favorite out of this group. Cathi, could you group certain colors together for a specific quilt? Like the ones that are almost all red be a quilt, or ones that are almost green another quilt? How many stars do you need for one quilt? I wish I was as photogenic as Baxter:) maybe even mix and match solid kaleidoscopes of the strongest color with some of the ones you have done?…. I’m having as much fun as you….lol thanks again for having this blog😊


  2. I don’t know how you would choose a favourite or why you need to, they are all lovely. I admit to doing the same myself with this technique, and I don’t know why it do it myself, I’m going to use all the blocks regardless. It’s going to be a beautiful and springy quilt.


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