A Walk Around the Block

To see some flowers around the block this time.  Flowers from the pathway up to the front entrance to the building.

Flowers at the store right across from the building.

I had hoped there’d be pictures of the flowers from the roof garden, but I guess the gardeners are sticking to the don’t plant before May 24th rule. I’m a bit surprised as we had gloriously warm weather throughout the entire long weekend and this week looks like it’s going to feel like July rather than May.

On the long weekend I got lots and lots of the New York Beauty pieces I had printed on fabric cut and ready to stitch, a few more of the Drunkard’s Path blocks stitched and spent a fair bit of time giving my blog a facelift. Which, if you’re reading this other than through a reader, you’ve probably already noticed. I love the new WordPress option of being able to see a true preview of how the various themes look with the blog header photo. It made switching themes fun this time.

Baxter knows how to relax but, even when having a snooze, always likes to know where his toys are. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Choices, choices.”

3 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Block

  1. It sounds like they better put in hot weather flowers this year. I hope they get them in just before the rain this weekend. That will give them a good start.


  2. Oh, I LOVE the new look Cathi! You can really see the photo so much better now. Beautiful flower photos and I just put all the toys in a basket for my two pups also. They were everywhere. lol They looked at me as if they were being punished, even thought they are right beside their beds in front of the fireplace. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend with your printing and cutting. That is nice to have behind you.


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