A Little Stash Enhancement

Friday we made it to the Creativ Festival. While it was smaller than in past years, there was lots and lots to see. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to find. Some ’30s prints for the 2″ Drunkard’s Path project. Found.

Some white on whites. Found. A black that would read almost as a solid but still light enough on the back so I can print shapes with Inklingo. Found.

I decided to take a super macro shot of the black to show the pattern in it.

Some more fabrics for the Tiffany Lamp quilt. Found. While I’m not sure all these will make it into the quilt, they are welcome additions to my batik stash.

Except for this one. This is one of the Northcott Stonehenge fabrics and most definitely is going to be used in the Tiffany Lamp quilt. I love the play of colours in this.

It was a great weekend. We went to the Festival, I got the lion’s share of the printing done for the Drunkard’s Path quilt and Baxter was posing for photos every time we glanced his way.

Baxter has claimed that spot on the quilt as his own. We put a teddy bear up beside the quilt, looked over a while later and Baxter was sound asleep with his head on the teddy bear.

10 thoughts on “A Little Stash Enhancement

  1. Wow, you really did do some stash enhancement! Nice choices and I do love the one from Northcott as well. It will be a nice addition to your Tiffany Lamp quilt. Baxter looks so relaxed and contented!


  2. Nice fabrics! What fun to get away and do some successful shopping. Can you share more details of the black fabric…always looking for Inklingo printable fabric. And Baxter looks like he has a big ole smile on his face…must be dreaming of his favorite treat!


  3. Beautiful fabrics! I’ve never seen a black quite like that one. I’ll have to look at blacks and whites more closely. I love this photo of Baxter, just precious.


  4. Nice stash enhancement! I did some of that myself on Saturday morning – added about 15 different fabrics to my “I spy” collection and some extra black and whites as well. It was much smaller wasn’t it? I still had fun and you did too!


  5. Baxter looks so fluffy in that photo! [ I typed ‘fluffeh’ first and then change my mind–not everyone likes/knows LOLspeke.:-) ]

    Looks and sounds like you had fun fabric hunting! I look forward to seeing the results. 🙂


  6. Love your fabrics and Baxter too! If you enlarge the picture of Baxter you can see his tongue sticking out a bit…too cute!


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