New Quilt Possibly Being Planned

When I was looking around in my stash for yet another possible fabric for kaleidoscope stars, I opened the container in which the shabby chic fabrics are stored. I then realized just how long it has been since I’ve worked with them exclusively. I pulled out a handful of them to see what I come up with. While i have no real plan in mind, I think that it will likely involve curved piecing.

However, on my hunt I found this fabric. I had it out on the ironing board to audition it using the window template. This piece of fabric has the potential to make some wonderful kaleidoscope stars!

The grading of the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks is all done. Finally. Six of the blocks are joined. Today I’ll give them all a quick press and hopefully will have all 12 of the blocks joined up by the end of the week. If I stay focused on this, and this alone, I could have the pieced border done in about 2 weeks. But that’s a big if.

The Pickled Ladies are inching their way closer to completion too, so I may get distracted by them. It would be nice to time this so I finish both tops at close to the same time.

The orchid plant is doing incredibly well. More blooms have opened and there are still more yet to open.

Yesterday Kitty TV was very active. Along with the squirrel, the grackles made an appearance. I think I was more excited about that than Baxter was, although he spent a fair bit of time watching out the window during the afternoon.

One thought on “New Quilt Possibly Being Planned

  1. Your orchid is very pretty! I have a gen-u-ine fake orchid plant in the same colour as a feature in our entrance. That print would make very interesting kaleidoscope stars. Kitty TV is probably new to Baxter, he was much younger last summer – I don’t know how long cats remember things? Do you think he would remember last year?


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