Possibilities for Kaleidoscope Stars

So much fun was had making the kaleidoscope stars like this one that I couldn’t resist doing a little hunting in my stash for some other fabrics that might be likely candidates for interesting kaleidoscope stars.

This one is a definite possibility and will be easy to fussy cut/print for some more kaleidoscope stars.

This one has a larger repeat, but I think some really striking kaleidoscope stars might be the result. I don’t have a lot of it, but perhaps an interesting wallhanging can be made using kaleidoscope stars from it.

This is the fabric combination from yesterday’s post that I was 90 per cent sure I was going to select. It was interesting to read how many of you also felt the same way. So that’s another project waiting in the wings. I’m going to make one block using the two fabrics before I start on that project in earnest.

Last night I was working again on the red and white quilt. I’m really motivated to at least get the 12 blocks together this week. Then I’ll make a decision on whether a small stop border is added before the pieced border.

This picture of Baxter makes me laugh.  If you look closely, you can see that his tongue is sticking out just a bit.

4 thoughts on “Possibilities for Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Those little stars are to die for! I can’t wait to see that one done!

    Baxter is telling you that he has a hidden stash of fabrics and he’s sticky his tongue out to tell you he isn’t going to tell you where it’s hidden, better check to see what pieces you’re missing!


  2. Ooops! I really need to keep up! LOL…. Look forward to seeing your one block trial of the two fabrics you’ve chosen.

    I love your little kaleidoscope blocks and the fabrics you’ve picked to try out some more.

    Baxter is so cheeky! LOL… Ellyx


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